Disorderly Conduct- Drunk In Public

Aperson commits the offense of disorderly conduct or peace disturbance when he or she knowingly or intentionally engages in an act that is offensive to the public order. Examples of disorderly conduct include using abusive language in a public place, making an offensive gesture in a public place, creating a noxious odor in a public place, making unreasonable noise in a public place, fighting in a public place, or discharging a firearm in a public place. An act of disorderly conduct occurs in a public place if it produces an offensive consequence in the public place. A noise is unreasonable if it exceeds a certain decibel level. A person commits the offense of public intoxication when he or she appears in a public place while he or she is intoxicated to the point where he or she may be a danger to himself or herself or to another person. A public place is defined as any place where the public has access. It may include streets, highways, schools, office buildings, and shops. A private residence, a private yard, or a private driveway is not considered a public place. Contact our office for help.

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